About Tonya

New Family

Tonya attended her first PTA meeting in 2005, soon after her son started kindergarten at Semper Elementary School. Since then, she has been an active PTA mom and a leader of parent volunteers in her son’s school and in schools across Jefferson County.

Tonya has dedicated her professional career to researching policies and programs that change the lives of young people. As a graduate student, she worked on projects dedicated to understanding youth and family violence. Early in her career, she was a project coordinator in the Safe Communities – Safe Schools Initiative, launched jointly by the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence and then-Attorney General Ken Salazar following the Columbine tragedy.

After earning her PhD. in Public Administration, with a focus on youth/family public policy, from CU Denver, she focused her career as a researcher and public policy analyst on improving systems that serve children, youth and families across Colorado and the nation.

Tonya has been appointed to three school district committees. Her work has focused on bringing an important parent perspective to issues around teacher and school personnel evaluations and accountability, the district calendar, and ways to better engage parents and families.

Tonya moved to Jefferson County from Denver with her husband, Glen, and son, Will in 2004. All three have certified black belts in Tae Kwon Do. Will is a US Fencing Association member and is beginning competitive fencing. Tonya and Glen enjoy running together, participating in half marathons throughout the metro area. Tonya earned her third degree certified black belt from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation in March of 2013; she is also a volunteer instructor for the child and family classes at Elite Martial Arts.

Tonya’s passion as a mother and a child advocate, and her experience with public policy drive her to work to ensure that EVERY child has the chance for a great education.